#2 Measure - 13.5 inch My First Barbie

My First Barbie

Fun Facts:

* She is 13.5 inches tall. That is 2 inches taller than regular Barbie!
* She was designed for toddlers in mins and younger children. I LOVE her size!
* Currently there are 6 dolls in the series. 4x is the doll with her accessories. 2x is the doll with an extra set of clothes.
* Her knees and elbows bend really well and she sits beautifully.
* Her feet are designed for heeled shoes. They are not flat.
*  Her hair is lovely and silky.

Not So Fun Facts:

* The bendable arms and legs are rubber. So long pants and sleeves are little harder to dress. Leggings will be just about impossible. I really hope they improve this in the future!
* The rubber surface gets dirty very easily but also cleans well with a wet cloth.
* My girl game with her bangs all starched. I took a fine comb to get it all silky again.

Comparison Facts:

* She is very similar in size to Ruby Red SIBLIES. Her shoulders are narrower than Siblies.
* Ken doll t-shirts fit her.

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