#3124 Sideless Surcote Ensemble - 18 inch Dolls

This pattern is inspired by 13-14th century England and Western Europe Medieval clothes worn by women of the time.
I have kept this pattern historically accurate yet some things need changing when scaling down to doll size.
In the 13 to 14th Century, clothes were worn in layers. Therefore there are a few pieces included in this PDF pattern to create your ensemble. The various pieces also allows for a variety of looks.
Whether your doll likes to be a Middle-Ages re-enactor or play fantasy princess dress up, this ensemble will be perfect.

Designed to fit 18 inch Dolls

Pattern includes:
• Kirtle — The seam down the front allows for the kirtle to be sewn in Parti-Colour. This is the original color blocking where two colors are seen in one garment piece. Optional eyelet closure, hook-and-eye or hook-and-loop closure.
• Sideless Surcote — Worn over the Kirtle and was high fashion at the time. Optional hook-and-eye or hook-and-loop closure.
• Belt
• Headdress — Create five pieces which can be worn in various ways and combinations. I do give more details in the pattern for you to make your choice. Includes a Barbette, Fillet, Wimple and Veil with Circlet


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