#7 Measure - 18 inch Soft Body Dolls

* 18 inch Soft Body Girl Dolls. These dolls are the more popular of the 18 inch dolls such as American Girl or South African Girl.
* These measurements can vary! This is because the body sizes can vary to how much she is stuffed and when she was manufactured.
* Most of these dolls can share clothes.
* Most of these dolls can easily be found and bought in stores or online. They can also be found in the second hand and collectors market.

* South African Girl doll is a standard 18 inch soft body doll.
* 18 Inch doll patterns fit this doll like patterns for the American GirlĀ® dolls.

Doll Tag Clothing is not affiliated with any of the dolls mentioned on this page. These measurement charts are to be used as a reference only. No endorsement is implied.


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