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Jubilation Party Dress - 18 inch Doll
Jubilation Party Dress - BFC Ink
Jubilation Party Dress - Sasha
Jubilation Party Dress - Baby Alive
Jubilation Party Dress - Disney Animators
Gumdrop Lace Hat - 18 inch
Sprinkle Sundae Dress - 18 inch Dolls
Holiday Scout Accessories - 18 inch Dolls
Strawberry Patch - 13.5 inch Barbie
Simply a Skirt - 13.5 inch Barbie
Heartwarming Pajamas - 13.5 inch Barbie
Simply Bodysuits - 18 inch Dolls
Simply Tights - A Girl for All Time
Elf Shoes and Slippers - 18 inch Dolls
Alpine Slippers - 18 inch Dolls
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